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  • Оригинальное название: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  • Год: 1993
  • Страна: США
  • Жанр: Драма, Вестерн
  • Режиссер: Чак Боуман, Джеймс Кич, Джерри Лондон, ...
  • Автор сценария: Бет Салливан, Сара Дэвидсон, Карл Биндер, ...
  • Продолжительность: 30 минут+
  • В главных ролях: Джейн Сеймур, Джо Ландо, Шон Туви, Чед Аллен, Орсон Бин, Джим Нобелок, Уильям Шокли, Фрэнк Коллисон, Джеффри Лоуэр, Генри Дж. Сандерс ...
  • Продюсер: Тим Джонсон, Бет Салливан, Джон Либерти, ...
  • Оператор: Роланд «Оззи» Смит, Чарльз Рошер мл.
  • Композитор: Уильям Олвис, Дэвид Белл
  • Художник: Ира Даймонд, Альберт Хешонг, Чэз Батчер, ...
  • Монтаж: Марта Хантли, Конрад М. Гонзалез, Хайди Шарфе, ...
  • Премьера мир: 2 января 1993, ...
  • Количество сезонов: 6
  • Музыка из фильма: OST
  • Обзор сериала

Season 1
Dr. Michaela Quinn (Jane Seymour) from Boston answers an ad requiring a Doctor in Colorado Springs, Colorado Territory. This is after her father dies, who was her partner and mentor. It is post civil war and no one wants to accept a lady doctor. She meets Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd),a mid-wife and her three children. Everyone gives her a hard time, except mountain man Byron "Sully" (Joe Lando) who is a widower. She soon inherits Charlotte's children, after Charlotte suffers a fatal snake bite. Dr. Quinn is single and inexperienced where children are concerned and does her best to make the children feel at home. The youngest boy Brian runs away. She goes to search for him and is taken to an indian camp, where she finds Sully. She meets Cheyenne Chief Black Kettle (Nick Ramus) who agrees to send some of his men to help search for the boy. They find Brian, despite the army trying to bring harm to the indians who befriended her. After Chief Black Kettle and his people are attacked by the army at Sandcreek, she pulls a bullet out of his neck. Chief Black Kettle gives her her Cheyenne name "Medicine Woman".

An influenza epidemic sweeps through town. People are dying and Dr. "Mike" as she is affectionately called, doesn't have a clinic to treat her patients. The foreclosed boarding house which was run by Charlotte, is made into a temporary clinic. Michaela falls ill with the disease and it is left up to Sully to see that she survives.

Michaela's demanding mother Elizabeth Quinn (Jane Wyman)comes to visit. Matthew sent a telelgram telling her that Dr. Mike was very ill. After Robert E. gets severely burned, Michaela has no place to treat him properly. Michaela wants to buy Charlotte's foreclosed boarding house in order to have a clinic. She does not have enough money and asks her mother for it. Her mother promptly turns her down cold.

Law Of The Land
Kid Cole (Johnny Cash), a retired gunslinger seeks rest and relaxation in Colorado Springs. His peace is interrupted, when he is recruited as the town's sheriff. Matthew helps Ingrid's (Jennifer Youngs) brother Jon slaughter one of Miss Olive's (Gail Strickland) cows to feed his family. The townspeople want to hang Jon.

The Healing
Loren is still bitter toward Sully for marrying Loren's daughter Abagail.(deceased) After Loren realizes he still holds the deed to the homestead, he orders Dr. Mike off the property. Loren has to let go of his anger, when he needs a an operation.

Father's Day
The Cooper children's long lost father, Ethan (Ben Murphy) threatens to tear apart Dr. Mike's family. Ethan fills the children's heads with dreams of San Francisco, only to abandon them once again.

Bad Water
A mining operation contaminates the town's water supply. Dr. Mike and Sully set off to get a water sample to prove the contamination. The trip proves to be dangerous, as they are caught trespassing. Dr. Mike and Sully become much closer on this trip. Grace opens her cafe.

The Great American Medicine Show
Doc Eli (Robert Culp) ,the owner of a medicine show dazzles the town with talk of a "miracle elixir". When Myra needs surgery, Dr. Mike and Doc Eli who turns out to be a real doctor have to work together.

A Cowboy's Lullaby
An out of work and desperate cowboy (John Schneider) abandons his baby at Dr. Mike's homestead and robs Loren's store. While out trying to find patients in need of her help, Dr. Mike is trapped in a cabin by a rabid bear that has already killed a man. Sully sets out to look for her.

Running Ghost
Sully is left paralyzed after being beaten by buffalo hunters hired to clear the path for a new railroad. After Sully starts to recover, he sets out to settle the score with one of the hunters. A con artist, pretending to work for the railroad buys the deeds to the residents' property.

The Prisoner
General Custer takes Cloud Dancing (Larry Sellers) prisoner. Sully and Dr. Mike plan to break him out. Miss Olive has a Hurdy Gurdy. Matthew buys all of Ingrid's dances.

Happy Birthday
As Michaela's birthday approaches, she thinks that everyone is discussing her marital status. They are actually planning a surprise birthday party. Sully and Michaela share their first kiss. Jake accidentally causes a customer's death and goes on a drinking binge that threatens to destroy him.

Rite Of Passage
Matthew announces his plans to marry Ingrid. Dr. Mike disapproves, not of Ingrid, but of Matthew's lack of maturity. Matthew sets out to prove his manhood.

Colleen and her friends are enthralled with the romance stories in a weekly publication. After Sully saves Colleen from a runaway wagon, she becomes infatuated with him. When she sets up a romantic rescue, she almost loses her life. Hank accuses Grace of poisoning him with her food.

The Operation
Brian falls out of a tree, while pretending to be an eagle. The boy loses his sight, then lapses into a coma. Dr. Mike has to perform the dangerous surgery to save Brian's life. The townspeople build a school.

The Secret
A boy with learning difficulties is discovered, after his guardian is found dead. The paternity of the boy is a well kept secret, until people start taunting him. The boy's father steps forward to defend him.

A famous photographer (Kenny Rogers) wants to take a potrait of the townspeople. Prejudice rears its ugly head, when some of the residents want to exclude certain groups from the portrait. It is discovered that the photographer is suffering from diabetes and is losing his eyesight. He sees well enough to see the affection between Dr. Quinn and Sully.

Season 2
The Race
Dr. Mike receives a horse as a gift of appreciation from Snowbird (Tantoo Cardinal), Cloud Dancing's wife. Dr. Mike disguises herself in order to enter the men-only horse race. A chauvinistic doctor, Doc Cassidy (Jerry Hardin) ignores Dr. Quinn's medical advice when one a young man is kicked in the head by a horse.

Loren's sister-in-law, Dorothy Jennings (Barbara Babcock) seeks solace from her abusive husband. Loren is hesitant to take her in. Loren, who asked Dorothy to marry him before he married her sister Maude still has feelings for her.

After listening to tales about witches, Brian is convinced that Dorothy is a witch. Michaela is vistited by the ghost of Abagail (Megan Gallivan). The townspeople keep finding a "dead man" in various parts of town.

The Incident
While on a hunting trip Jake accidentally kills Little Eagle, a Cheyenne. Horace is in turn hit by an arrow. Jake lies about the incident, saying it never happened and convinces Horace to lie as well. Soon the Cheyenne want someone to pay for the crime. Sully whose loyalties lie with the Cheyenne, must stop the incident from escalating to all out war.

Saving Souls
Evangelist Sister Ruth (June Carter Cash) holds a revival. Dr Quinn and Sister Ruth clash over who is a better healer, when Kid Cole's consumption gets worse. Sister Ruth takes a liking to Kid Cole. Robert E. and Grace marry.

Where The Heart Is/Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1)Dr. Mike is summoned to Boston, when her mother falls ill. The family goes along for moral support. William, (Edward Albert) a physician assigned to Mrs. Quinn's case takes a liking to Dr. Mike. Worried, when Dr. Mike stays away so long Sully arrives in Boston.(Pt 2) Sully tries to win Michaela away from William. Afraid he has lost Michaela, Sully boards a train home. At long last the two admit their love for one another.

Giving Thanks
Sully and Michaela start courting. A drought threatens to ruin Thanksgiving. When Sully and Michaela have opposing views on a few issues, they wonder if they are compatible. When Hank decides to move and take Myra with him, Horace declares his love to Myra.

Best Friends
Circumstantial evidence leads Michaela to believe that Sully and Dorothy are seeing each other romantically. Dorothy goes through the "change".

Sully's Choice
Sully is shot trying to stop renegades from sabatoging the railroad. The army thinks Sully is one of the renegades and is declared a wanted man. With Dr. Mike away, Colleen has to remove the bullet from Sully's

Mike's Dream

Dr. Mike is visited by the ghost of Charlotte Cooper. Dr. Mike has to decide how she wants her life to end up. A couple on the run from their feuding families has to have their baby in Robert E.'s barn.

Crossing The Line
Matthew crosses a mining company picket line. The reason the miners are picketing is revealed, when there is a cave in. Matthew and Jon are trapped.

The Offering
After receiving blankets donated by the army, The Cheyenne start falling ill and dying. It is discovered that the blankets were infected with Typhus.

The Circus
Heart (Fionnula Flannagan) and her daughter Atlantis (Lisa Rieffel) bring the circus to town. The townspeople participate in the circus. Atlantis, who was born with webbed hands wants surgery to be normal. When her mother says that Dr. Mike may not perform the surgery, the girl takes desperate measures.

Another Woman
A white woman (Sheryl Lee) who was taken in by Indians is "rescued" by the army, when her family is killed. Having lived as an Indian for so long, she does not feel at home in Colorado Springs. She does however, feel comfortable with Sully who shares a similar background. Dorothy and Jake start courting.

Orphan Train
The Reverend agrees to find homes for orphans. When Dr. Mike assists him, he misinterprets her intentions and proposes. The Cooper children feel neglected.

Buffalo Soldiers
Black soldiers were dubbed Buffalo Soldiers. The army sends the soldiers to fight Indians. When their sergeant is injured, Sergeant Carver,(Dorian Harewood) next in line for command takes charge. Sully and Dr. Mike try to convince him to stop the bloodshed.

Luck Of The Draw
Desperate for money to build his homestead, Matthew takes up gambling. The Reverend shares a past with the shady character who beats Matthew literally and figuratively.

Life And Death
Dorothy's son Tom, a war veteran comes to town claiming to be in pain from an old injury. After an initial injection of morphine, Dr. Mike won't give him any more doses. Tom breaks into the homestead looking for it. Dr. Mike shoots Tom, while protecting her family. Colleen is traumatized by the incident.

The First Circle
Robert E. buys a home in town, through an auction. The auctioneer, Jedediah Bancroft (George Furth) the same banker who turned Dr. Mike down for a loan, starts the first Ku Klux Klan group in C.S. Grace and Robert E. are terrorized by the group. Dr. Mike saves Robert E. from getting lynched, when things get out of hand.

Just One Lullaby
The new teacher, an old acquaintance of the Reverend's becomes friends with Michaela. When it is discovered that she is abusing the children, including Brian, Michaela wants her fired.

The Abduction Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1) Renegade Cheyenne attack and kill two army soldiers who come to the reservation with Michaela. General Custer (Jason Leland Adams) takes the Cheyenne people captive in retaliation, with intentions of hanging them. Michaela is abducted by the renegades.(Pt 2) Sully searches desperately for his "heart song". Cloud Dancing's son joins the renegades.

The Campaign
Michaela runs against Jake in the first mayoral race in Colorado Springs. Myra wants out of her contract with Hank.

The Man In The Moon
Angered over Myra leaving, Hank crashes her engagement party and threatens to shoot her. Hank slips into a coma, after a blow to his head. Colleen is jealous, when Brian receives a telescope from their Grandmother and she doesn't receive anything.

Return Engagement Pts 1 And 2
(Pt1) Michaela's presumed dead fiancй David (Maxwell Caufield)comes to town disguised as naturalist Andrew Strauss. Myra and Horace marry. Sully develops severe migraines after Cloud Dancing announces he is leaving. Sully proposes to Michaela.(Pt 2) Michaela is torn, when she finds out Andrew's true identity.

Season 3
The Train
Sully starts building a new homestead. The townspeople misrepresent themselves in an effort to get the railroad. Sully and Michaela are divided on the issue.

Fathers And Sons
Brian is coming of age and Loren is feeling old. They meet up in the woods, when they both run away from home.

Cattle Drive/Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1) Miss Olive dies and leaves her cattle to Matthew. Colleen falls for a cowhand. Matthew ignores Sully's advice. (Pt 2) There are disasters at every turn, as The family tries to drive the cattle home.

The Library
The Josef Quinn Memorial Library is opened, when Michaela donates her father's books. Everyone is enjoying the books, until the Reverend and Jake decide that the books are not good for their spiritual well-being.

Halloween II
A man, John (Richard Moll) disfigured in a train accident is thought to be a monster. Brian befriends him and convinces him to let Dr. Mike "fix him".

A Washington Affair
(Pt 1)The family and Cloud Dancing go to Washington to tell the plight of the Cheyenne to President Grant. While there it is discovered that Sully was in the army and deserted.(Pt 2) Sully is court-martialed and sentenced to be executed by hanging. Michaela fights desperately to free the love of her life. Guest Stars (Lloyd Bochner, Dennis Lipscomb, Kathleen Lloyd, Gregory Sierra, John Pleshette, Nicholas Pryor)

Money Troubles
Sully runs out money, while building the homestead. Rather than accept money from Michaela, he goes against his principles and performs in a Traveling Wild West Show. After a sleep-walking problem, it is discovered that Myra is pregnant.

The stagecoach carrying Michaela, Sully Kid Cole and Sister Ruth (now married) to Colorado Springs is held up by robbers pretending to be a married couple.

Ladies' Night/ Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1)Loren and Jake dress up a as ladies in order to get free drinks at the saloon on Ladies' Night. Jake is kidnapped when the saloon is robbed. Dorothy discovers a growth in her breast. Colleen is teased when she matures at a faster rate than other girls. (Pt 2) Dr. Mike tries to convince Dorothy to have the growth removed form her breast. Jake is released and returns to find Dorothy is not quite the same.

First Christmas
A family of Jewish faith moves to C.S. Prejudice rears its ugly head.

Indian Agent
Sully is named Indian Agent by President Grant. Sully is thrilled, until it is revealed that the government has no intention of bettering the lives of the Cheyenne people. Superintendent Hazen (James Sloyan)sets up trade between Hank and the Cheyenne.

The End Of The World
Reports of a comet crashing to earth and ending the world have the townspeople in a panic.

Pike's Peace
Michaela finds a kindred spirit in a retired school teacher who says she is going to climb Pike's Peak. Myra gives birth to Samantha.

Cooper Vs. Quinn/Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1) Sully and Michaela have to notify the children's father of their intent to adopt them. Ethan signs an agreement, but changes his mind. The court orders the children be returned to their natural father. (Pt 2)Colleen contracts pneumonia, when she and Brian run away from their father.

What Is Love?
Valentine's day approaches. Brian is given an assignment to find out "what is love?" Dorothy's plans to put on the play Romeo and Juliet start to unravel as the day draws near.

Things My Father Never Gave Me
Robert E. is given the task of repairing a train engine. He enlists the help of Matthew, Peter and two brothers. Robert E. feels pressure to meet the deadline, especially when his crew starts falling ill.

Baby Outlaws
Belle Starr and her gang rob the saloon. When Belle is shot, Dr. Mike takes her in hoping she will reform.

Bone Of Contention
A paleontologist digs for dinosaur remains on sacred Indian burial ground. When some of their people are excavated as well, the Indians retaliate by digging up Loren's wife.

The Permanence of Change
When the Reverend collapses from toothache pain, Dr. Mike temporarily teaches school. The townspeople are upset about Mike teaching the children about Darwin's theories. Those theories may have to save the life of a little girl being abused by her guardian.

Washita/Pts 1 and 2
(Pt 1) Sully puts finishing touches on the homestead. Led by Chief Black Kettle, the Cheyenne seek refuge at Fort Cobb. They are turned away and are attacked along the Washita river. It is a massacre ordered by Custer's army. (Pt 2) Cloud Dancing and Michaela are hit hardest by this tragedy. Grace gets attached to a baby that survived the horror.

Sully's Recovery
Sully leaves to resign from his position as Indian Agent. He meets up with an injured Loren, who is out to purchase former Cheyenne land.

Ready Or Not
As their wedding day approaches, Sully and Michaela meet with the Reverend to discuss any unfinished business. As they recall past instances (through flashbacks), they start having doubts about geting married.

For Better Or Worse
(Pt 1) Michaela's Mother and sisters; Marjorie and Rebecca (Georgann Johnson, Alley Mills and Elinor Donahue) arrive on the new train for the wedding. Michaela's mother takes over the wedding plans and criticizes Sully and Michaela's life. General Custer searches for Cloud Dancing and takes Sully captive.(Pt 2)When Sully misses the engagement party, Mrs. Quinn accuses Sully of leaving Michaela at the altar.

Season 4

A New Life
Sully and Michaela return from their honeymoon. Sully and Michaela get adjusted to their "new life" together. Also on the train is Preston A. Lodge III (Jason Leland Adams) who plans to open a bank in town. Cloud Dancing having lost his tribe, decides to to move to the new reservation.

Traveling All-Stars
A Professional basebal team challenges Colorado Springs to a game. When the town loses, they discover the All-Stars cheated. The town pulls together and gets sweet revenge.

Mothers And Daughters
Michaela discovers the "joys" of married life, while Colleen goes through a rebellious stage.

Brother's Keeper
Brian's dog Pup gets bitten by a rabid raccoon. Pup bites Ingrid and runs off. Matthew blames Brian for Ingrid's death. Brian takes a rifle and goes off looking for Pup.

Halloween III
Jake becomes attached to a stray dog. The dog ends up being an alternative cure for a man's severe rheumatism. While Sully is being very secretive planning a surprise for Halloween, Michaela thinks he is unhappy at home.

Dorothy's Book
Dorothy's book about Colorado Springs gets published. Most of the townspeople are unhappy with their portrayals in the book, especially Michaela. Hurt, Dorothy vows to quit writing.

Promises, Promises
Sully's chidhood friend Daniel, asks Sully for his help. The only problem, he would have to go to Nevada for a month. Michaela is not pleased. Loren asks Dorothy to marry him, but suffers a stroke before he gets an answer.

The Expedition Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1) As Michaela's birthday approaches, she decides to climb Pike's Peak to prove she can. Dorothy, Grace and Myra end up going along for the same reason. (Pt 2)Preston uses Michaela's absence to plan a hotel-casino. Robert E. reveals a secret about his past to Sully.

One Touch Of Nature
Thanksgiving approaches. Sully is excited about he and Michaela adding to their family. Michaela fears she may be past her chilbearing years. Jake feeling lonely, learns how much he has from Cloud Dancing.

Hell On Wheels
Despondent over Ingrid's death, Matthew leaves town. The family finds him working in a temporary town as a bartender. Matthew, with the help of his family and Peter Chow(Eric Michael Zee) lets Ingrid go.

Fifi's First Christmas
Brian's Grandmother sends him a poodle for Christmas, hoping to cheer him up. When a new girl moves to town, Brian starts wanting to be treated more grown-up. When the girl gets lost, Brian proves his maturity.

Change Of Heart
Robert E. and Grace take in an orphaned boy name Anthony (Brenden Jefferson). Robert E. is excited, but Grace is reluctant to get too attached. She has a change of heart when the boy becomes ill. Hank sends one of his girls, Emma (Charlotte Chatton)to help Matthew get over his loss.

Tin Star
Lawlessness is running rampant in C.S. Matthew is elected Sheriff. Inexperienced, Matthew accidentaly shoots Horace. Matthew gives up his gun. What will he do when an outlaw (Travis Tritt) plans to break his brother out of jail.

If You Love Someone
Myra starts working at the bank. Matthew deals with the town's disapproving stares over his keeping company with Emma.

The Iceman Cometh
Two con men (Brandon Douglas, Anthony Lee) sell shares in a home regrigeration company to the townspeople. Michaela and the Reverend go to Denver to help an orphanage. While they are in Denver, they run across the con men.

Dead Or Alive Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1) A politician (Lawrence Pressman) votes to make Colorado a state. When mountain man Noah McBride (Denny Miller) hears of it, he kidnaps the man's son. Sully is asked to lead a search party.(Pt 2)Michaela over-exerts herself and puts the baby in jeopardy. The search party finds out how far the mountain man will go to get what he wants.

Deal With The Devil
The Reverend's mentor (Fred "Mr." Rogers) is coming to visit. In order to make repairs to the church, The Reverend takes out a loan with Hank.

Eye For An Eye
A stranger rapes a young girl and kills an old man. The town wants to hang him. Colleen feels it is wrong. Matthew shocks everyone, by performing the deed.

Hearts And Minds
The Reverend opens a school on the reservation. Cloud Dancing becomes angry, when the Reverend changes the children's way of dress and teaches them about his God.

Michaela's friend from medical school comes to visit. The friend, having deferred to her husband by giving up her practice, resents Michaela's happy marriage and successful career.

Woman Of The Year
The head of the Denver Woman's Suffrage League (Bibi Besch)informs Michaela that she has been nominated as Woman Of The Year. Michaela takes on too much, trying to live up to everyone's expectations. When Hank's doting Grandmother visits from Sweden, he "borrows" Horace's life, because he is ashamed of his own.

Last Chance
Cloud Dancing is stabbed by a hostile renegade. Emma is attacked by a customer. Michaela's busy practice is putting a strain on her.

Fear Itself
Preston takes a liking to a visiting artist (Denise Crosby). She gives Brian some art lessons. When it is discovered that the woman has leprosy, the townsfolk, including Dr. Mike shrink away from her in fear.

One Nation
When a young brave shoots a soldier, Cloud Dancing takes the blame in order to keep warring tribes as one nation.

When A Child Is Born Parts 1 And 2
(Pt 1)Michaela's family arrives from Boston. Elizabeth Quinn has brought young Dr. Andrew Cook (Brandon Douglas) to deliver Michaela's baby. Attempting to stop the Army from transferring Cloud Dancing to another reservation Sully is injured.(Pt 2)Michaela goes searching for Sully. When she finds him she goes into labor. Myra and Horace separate.

Season 5

Runaway Train
Sully goes to Denver to negotiate the release of Cloud Dancing from the army. One of the conditions is that Sully is no longer Indian Agent and may not ever step foot on the reservation again. On the way home the train crashes, injuring most on board. Andrew learns a lesson in humility by watching Michaela in action.

Having It All
Michaela has returned to work after being home with Katie. Between work, the baby and being so tired,Michaela is spread thin. Sully feels neglected. Sully helps Michaela through this difficult time. Colleen is accepted to college in Denver.

A couple brings their baby to the clinic and he dies. The Father who is an attorney sues Dr Mike for malpractice. The Judge (Stacy Keach,Sr.) orders Dr. Mike to pay a steep fine and suspends her license. The mystery of the baby's death is solved.

All That Glitters
A world famous singer, Gilda St. Clair (Barbara Mandrell) comes to Colorado Springs and starts losing her voice. She may need surgery. Meanwhile, Emma makes a dress for Gilda and the women in town start to warm up to Emma.

Los Americanos
Mr. and Mrs. Morales, a Mexican-American couple move to Colorado Springs. Tragedy strikes when, the husband gets attacked by a mountain lion. Michaela attempts to save him, but he dies. Mrs. Morales (Michelle Bonilla) is bitter toward Michaela. Meanwhile the town needs a new teacher, will they hire Mrs. Morales?

Last Dance
The Sweetheart's Dance is almost near. Sully gets a job offer to preserve Yellowstone National Park. The family would have to move to Wyoming. Michaela does not want to leave. Dorothy asks Cloud Dancing permission to write a book about him. Brian practices asking Sarah to the dance.

Right Or Wrong
Michaela is put in jail for treating a Pueblo Indian (Pato Hoffman). The man left his reservation to find an herb that could cure his son, when he was captured by the army. Jake and Preston face off in the mayoral race.

Remember Me
An old miner with dementia wanders into town. He has a huge gold nugget and says his name is Lucias Slicker (Ray Walston). Jake faces the father who left him so long ago. Close to death, Lucias tells Brian (thinking he is Jake) how proud he is of him.

Matthew is shot in a hold up at the bank. A legendary Marshall, Elias Burch (Willie Nelson) goes after the criminals. Matthew not healed properly, sets off to prove he can bring the criminals in. He learns some important lessons from the Marshall.

The Tempest
Preston's demanding father arrives for the unveiling of The Chateau around Thanksgiving. Andrew goes to work for Preston. Michaela and Katie are home alone, when a Tornado hits town.

Separate But Equal
Anthony wants to attend the school Brian attends. The townspeople are opposed to letting a "colored boy" into the school. Anthony is hurt, while fighting for what he wants. Loren has to re-think his ways, when Brian shuns him.

A Place To Die
Two patients die after being treated by Michaela. Dorothy also becomes deathly ill. With no explanation for the deaths, Michaela has to burn everything in the clinic to assure that no one else falls ill.

Season Of Miracles
The Reverend loses his sight before Christmas. Brian questions his own faith, when the Reverend's sight is not restored.

The Dam
Sully is opposed to a dam being built in the valley. As sherrif, Matthew is required to protect the builders of the dam and stop anyone who tries to stand in the way. Matthew and Sully are on opposite sides.

Farewell Appearance
Michaela's Uncle Teddy (David Ogden Stiers), a world renowned pianist comes to visit. He tries to use Brian as a substitute for his slain son. Uncle Teddy tells Brian he could be a great pianist, if he moves to New York with him.

The Most Fatal Disease
Kid Cole and Sister Ruth (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash) come through town, escorting three mail order brides. Kid Cole wants a divorce, claiming he is not cut out for marriage. The truth is he feels he is dying and wants to spare his wife the pain. Feeling lonely, Loren wants to buy a mail order bride.

Colleen's Paper
Colleen returns to Colorado Springs on a break. She wants to write about her mother's most memorable case. Andrew becomes ill and Colleen stays and nurses him back to health.

A House Divided Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1)Sully's old friend Daniel (John Schneider) comes for a visit. Michaela and Sully are having financial problems and Daniel offers to help. Sully refuses the offer. Sully finds work away from home. While Sully is away, Daniel develops feelings for Michaela and pays the mortgage payment. (Pt 2) When Sully returns, he sees how Daniel feels about Michaela. Sully wants Daniel out of his house. Sully leaves the house in anger.

Sully goes off for the day to take food to some families in need. While he is away, two bank robbers, the Currier brothers (James Keach and David Carradine) come to the homestead. One of them was shot in a robbery. They claim it was a hunting accident. When Michaela discovers the truth, the brothers hold Michaela, Brian and Katie hostage. Sully comes home and is shot by one of the brothers. Despite being wounded, he has to get his family out safely.

Body Electric
Famed poet Walt Whitman (Donald Moffat) comes to town for some rest and relaxtion. Rumors spread about his "alternative" lifestyle. Brian and Mr. Whitman become fast friends. Michaela reacts unexpectedly, when she learns of their friendship.

Before The Dawn
After divorce papers arrive, Horace attempts suicide. Michaela summons Myra and Samantha from St. Louis. Everyone tries desperately to convince Horace, there is reason to live.

Starting Over
After Marjorie joins the Women's movement she blows into town stirring everyone up and has a fling with Loren.

His Father's Son
Everyone is doting on Katie and Brian feels slighted. Brian receives a letter and picture from his real father, which leaves him feeling like he doesn't belong anywhere. Brian starts behaving badly. He gets Anthony to skip school with him and they hop a train. Sully punishes Brian. When Brian questions Sully's actions, Sully says that he is doing it because he is his Pa.

Moment Of Truth Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1)Cloud Dancing is badly beaten by soldiers for returning late to the reservation. Michaela treats him. When Sully learns of the attack, he is outraged. Tired of being treated cruelly, the tribes plan a rebellion. They enlist Sully's help.
(Pt 2) Sully lies to everyone about what he is doing, but the truth comes out. Cloud Dancing flees to the Tongue River Valley. Sgt McKay (David Beecroft)sees Sully at the scene. After Sgt O'Connor (Patrick Kilpatrick) finds out what happens, he goes after Sully. They get into a fight and they both go over a cliff.

Season 6

Reason To Believe
Sgt. O'Connor was found dead in the river. Sully is nowhere to be found. Michaela believes that he survived and goes looking for him. Daniel comes to offer his help. Dorothy and Cloud Dancing share their first kiss.

All That Matters
Sully is found alive, but badly hurt. As Michaela nurses him back to health, she keeps him hidden from the army. Sully sneaks into the homestead one night to spend time with his wife.

A Matter Of Conscience
Sully is wanted for treason and murder. In order to keep him safe, Michaela pretends that Sully is dead and has a memorial service for him. Hank and Jake find out Sully is alive. Cloud Dancing and Sully meet with Black Moon (Gregory Norman Cruz).

The Comfort Of Friends
Michaela finds out that she is pregnant, but suffers a miscarriage. Without Sully there to comfort her, she has to turn to her friends.

Wave Goodbye
Russian Princess Nizamoff (Natasha Andreichenko) who claims to see the future, tells everyone what they want to hear. Even Michaela is taken in by her.

A Place Called Home
Anthony's (Brandon Hammond) health deteriorates rapidly. Grace does not want to face the inevitable. Michaela struggles to tell Sully about the baby. Anthony loses his battle.

Lead Me Not
Marjorie brings a group of Temperance Women (opposed to alcohol consumption) to C.S. Jake goes on a dangerous drinking binge, when he thinks Hank and Teresa are seeing each other. Grace begins to drink heavily to numb her grief. Robert E. moves out.

A Time To Heal Pts 1 And 2
(Pt 1) A diptheria epidemic sweeps through C.S. Michaela performs a procedure that is not a proven cure. Becky (Haylie Johnson) dies. (Pt 2) Mrs. Quinn wants to take to the children to Boston with her. She also disapproves of Loren and Marjorie's relationship. Marjorie contracts the illness. The family sneaks Sully home for Thanksgiving.

Civil Wars
Dorothy discovers the deed to the property that Grace's cafe is on. Hank accidently breaks Horace's nose and won't pay for the damage. There is a sudden rash of lawsuits and Michaela acts as Judge.

Safe Passage
Consumption hits Black Moon and his men. Black Moon agrees to surrender in exchange for safe passage of his men to protected land. Michaela negotiates the deal and asks also that Sully be pardoned.

The Homecoming
Sully and Michaela are on their way home for Christmas, when they stop to help a couple inexperienced in the wilderness.

Point Blank
Michaela is shot at the clinic by a man that has a grievance with doctors. The physical wounds heal, but the emotional ones linger.

Seeds Of Doubt
A male acquaintance of Colleen's from Denver, starts to call on her. When the man pushes himself on Colleen, Andrew protects her honor and admits his love for her.

Seven Kinds Of Lonely
Loneliness pervades C.S. as the Sweetheart's Dance approaches. Loren sells his store to Preston and plans to move to San Francisco. Jake proposes to Teresa.

Life In The Balance
Chinese immigrants set up camp. Dr. Quinn discovers a young woman (Yumi Iwami) posing as a man in order to practice medicine, which is forbidden in her culture. Her Grandfather (Robert Ito) is stunned, but supportive.

Happily Ever After
Hank captures Cloud Dancing and gets the army to send him to a reservation far away. Jake and Teresa marry, despite her aunt's (Carmen Zapata) disapproval.

Michaela worries about Brian's friendship with an eccentric man (Martin Von Hoffman) who thinks he is a bird.

Matthew,who is studying law defends U.S. Marshall Elias Burch (Willie Nelson), who is accused of murder.

To Have And To Hold
While away with Sully, Michaela falls and hits her head. She suffers a concussion. The pain of losing her baby is finally discussed and resolved with Sully's help.

The Fight
An aging fighter (Richard Roundtree) challenges the men of C.S. Robert E. takes up the challenge and channels his rage and grief.

A New Beginning
Colleen graduates from college and is accepted to The Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. This is good news, however Andrew is concerned that being so far apart, he and Colleen will grow apart as well. Andrew proposes to Colleen. Everyone is thrilled except Michaela. She is concerned that Colleen and Andrew are getting married out of fear of losing one another. Will they find the happiness they desire? Preston has lost everyone's money in the stockmarket crash. Most everyone is affected by this, but none as much as Dorothy. Will she lose her beloved Gazette?

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